Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you take part exchanges?

Yes we do. Richtoy welcome any part exchange, it does not matter how old, how many miles or how dirty your car is. Please give us the opportunity to give you the best price for your existing car or the chance to provide the best advice on what to do. Plate transfers or outstanding finance can all be managed by our Administration Team.

Q. I work long hours or awkward shifts. Can I make an appointment to view the car at a time that suits me?

Richtoy understand our customers lead busy lives. It is not always easy to get time to view a car within normal working hours. Please give us a call or drop us an e mail with your requirements and we will do our very best to make an appointment that suits you. Out of hours Mobile number for car sales is 07899 805199.

Q. How do you check a vehicle and what aftersales service do you offer after I have bought a car from you?

All Richtoy Approved Cars are personally and carefully sourced. Our standards are high and previous owners and service histories are analysed thoroughly. All cars are HPI checked which helps to confirm that the mileage is correct. HPI also points out any finance outstanding or whether the car has been written off previously. All our Richtoy approved car stock is serviced, checked, and an MOT test is carried out on the vehicle prior to leaving. We offer different types of warranties for our vehicles which will be discussed whilst buying the car. Richtoy is a member of The North Lincolnshire Motor Trade Partnership, where we are audited yearly by our local Trading Standards Department. Should a problem arise with a vehicle we always act fairly to arrive at a satisfactory solution.

Q. Is there a warranty with your cars? Is it included in the price?

Most of our cars will have manufacturer’s warranty, meaning the warranty stays with the vehicle until the 3, 5 or 7 year period is over. If the Richtoy approved car does not have any remaining manufacturer’s warranty most cars sold will come with a 3 Month/3000 Mile Dealer Warranty. You have the option to extend your warranty if you wish to a 12, 24 or 36 month warranty. Breakdown Cover can also be arranged. Extended warranties are not included in the selling price. You will be provided with a comprehensive booklet explaining the cover on your car with contact details should you need to use it. Should you have any problems with the warranty please ring Toyne on 01724 735282 and he will help you to resolve the problem. Remember, the warranty represents a small fraction of the purchase price of your car (less than 2% in some cases) so they are worth considering whilst purchasing your new car.

Q. Do you have workshops to service my car?

Richtoy has got a fully equipped workshop, an MOT Testing Station, a Bodyshop and Valet bay for all your motoring needs. This is where we prepare the cars for sale, or repair your car should it be required whilst still under our Dealer Warranty. We service all types of cars to manufacturers’ schedules maintaining factory warranties and take great pride when a customer returns year after year for their car to be serviced or for an MOT. Our Body shop deals with all major Insurance Companies where Richtoy can take the stress out of an unfortunate accident.

Q. I want to leave a deposit on a car? What is the minimum required to reserve it?

The minimum deposit we will accept to remove a car from sale is £250.00. This is classed as a holding deposit. This can be paid by credit or debit card and can be done over the phone. We reserve the right to take a manual swipe of the card once on our premises. The car stays on sale until paid in full and telephone numbers are taken of other interested potential customers.

Q. I want to reserve a car now but cannot get in to see you straight away? How does this work?

Many customers have bought from us over the years using just the description and photographs we have on our website. This is where an element of trust is necessary from you as the customer. Richtoy are happy to take a holding deposit over the phone and hold the car for a maximum of 48 hours until you can view it personally. Should the car not be as per the description on our website and in the event we cannot reach an agreement, Richtoy will refund your holding deposit.

Q. How can I pay for my car? Do you charge for making payments by Credit Card?

Richtoy accept all major credit and debit cards as well as bankers drafts and cash (in accordance with money laundering regulations), or we can arrange finance with one of our lending partners. If you do not require finance our preferred payment is debit card. However should wish to pay more than a £1000.00 by credit card there will be a 3% charge, debit cards are free.

Q. What about Finance? Do I need a deposit? Am I better going to my bank?

Richtoy like to think we can save you time and money if you choose the car finance route. We are linked to many lenders and are able to offer some of the best rates in the marketplace at any given time. Car Finance is a far more efficient way to buy a car where in most circumstances instant decisions are made and your own credit line is not exhausted. The deposit required will usually depend on your credit status as will the APR, please ask us to give you a quotation and we will try to make it fit your own personal circumstances. You can be assured of complete confidentiality at all times.

Q. I have had credit problems in the past? Can you help me?

Through our network of lenders we can often help with finance even if you have had a bad credit history. Often there are genuine reasons for a customer having previous credit problems.

Come and talk to Richtoy in confidence and we will help wherever possible.

Q. What is included in the screen price of my car?

All Richtoy Approved Cars come with 1 years MOT, the relevant service it requires, a 3 Month/3000 Mile Dealer Warranty and a HPI vehicle condition check.

Q. Will you buy my car whether I do not want to buy a car from you?

Yes we will. Non-runners, Imports with UK Logbooks are all welcome, ring now on 01724 735282.

Q. Do you charge a fee for buying my car? No we do not.

A lot of the Car Supermarkets or Car Buying Websites have a buying fee or transaction fee, Richtoy do not apply this fee to their transactions. Please bear this in mind when comparing a deal from us to another car buying organisation who might not mention it until the last minute if not asked.

Q. Do all your cars have Service History?

In most cases all our cars have Full Service History. Whether full Main Dealer History or part Main Dealer and Non-Franchised Dealer. The History of a car is also based on the length of time a person has owned the vehicle and the type of person the car has been purchased from. Any car on our forecourt is of a high standard and previous owners have been scrutinized before any Richtoy Approved Car is purchased.

Q. What about the tyres on the car? Are they legal?

Safety considerations are paramount to Richtoy. In most cases the car will have an MOT before being sold, complying with the UK legal limit of 1.6mm tread depth. When a Richtoy approved car is being checked by our highly trained Mechanical Staff, low tyre treads are flagged for rectification.

Q. Can I book a test drive?

Pick up the phone and give Richtoy a call on 01724 735282, All our cars are usually ready for a test drive, however arranging a convenient time can sometimes help us with our busy time-table.

Q. What are testimonials and feedback?

On our website we have several different types of customer feedback, whether our own or collected by a third party. The Good Garage Scheme, Ebay are independent to Richtoy where numerous customers have expressed their appreciation of Richtoy services. Hopefully you are next.

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