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The OSET 16.0 Eco is the sister bike to the well established 16.0 Racing. The Eco utilizes a component set suited to new riders and is offered at a lower price than the Racing version. Compared to the incredibly popular 2007-2014 16.0 Eco's, this machine is a much higher specification.

The same drive system as the 16.0 Racing is utilized, featuring the OSET 36v 800w motor and 3 dial controller housed in the same frame as the 16.0 Racing. Differences to the 16.0 Racing amount to the component set, and include the wheels & tyres, forks, shock, handlebars and stem. The suspension is pre-load adjustable. The disc brakes are of the mechanical (rather than hydraulic) variety, and are still 'reach adjustable' for small hands. The OSET 16.0 Eco is a very capable machine for novice riders, and those dipping their toes into competitions.

Safety features are paramount. On on/off handlebar switch is easily operated by the rider, while the separate key switch is easily removable by the parent when it’s time to take a break! The OSET controller has been designed for our exclusive '3 dial' system, which allows parents to easily adjust the characteristics of the bike. By simply removing the rubber bung in the 'tank' area, the responsible adult can adjust the speed, power and response of the bike. It can be set from a very mellow machine at walking pace and low power, all the way up to a competition level machine with maximum power. For those learning to ride, the throttle response can be set so the reaction of the bike to throttle openings is softened.

“For 5-7 year olds, this bike is a great choice!”

RRP- £1395


OSET 16.0E

Technical Specifications:

  • Wheelbase - 904mm (35.6”)
  • Seat Height - 480mm (18.9”)
  • Ground clearance - 230mm (9.0”)
  • Bar height - 860mm (33.9”)
  • Wheels – 16” Steel rims/hubs.
  • Suspension – Front telescopic. Rear preload adjustable.
  • Brakes – Front and rear 160mm mechanical disc brakes.
  • Motor – 800w OSET neodymium magnet DC motor.
  • Controller – 36v OSET, adjustable for power, speed and response. All new map for 2015.
  • Batteries – 3 x 10ah AGM SLA.
  • Charger – 2 amp 36v.
  • Age Range – 5-7 years old


  • Same chassis as the Existing 16.0R frame
  • Improved front suspension with adjustability.
  • Greatly uprated larger rear shock with more travel and oil damping.
  • Lighter aluminium wheel hubs with stainless steel spokes.
  • OSET designed 800W motor, which is more efficient.
  • 3 dial controller, can now adjust power, speed and throttle response which gives a much smoother ride.
  • Dials accessible through OSET tank bung for easy adjustment, new dial knobs make it clearer to see what setting the bike is on.
  • New mechanical disc brakes.
  • Lighter OSET handle bars.
  • Lightweight OSET foot pegs.
  • Infill side panels to protect batteries and electrics.
  • Improved front mudguard which is flexible plastic.
  • Handle bar switch for a quicker shut down of the bike.
  • Charge port moved to make it easily accessible.
  • All new plastics and 2015 decals.

For ages 5 – 7 year olds.

RRP- £1,299


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